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Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown, PADI Master Instructor

Hi, my name is Bruce Brown, a PADI Master Instructor with over 30 years of diving experience. I started diving in mid 1979 after years of watching Flipper and Jacque Cousteau on TV and begging my parents to let me go diving (they never would). They kept telling me I could go diving when I could afford to pay for it myself and drive myself to the lessons. Then the movie JAWS came out which really excited me about learning to dive (I am a SHARK fanatic). When I turned 16 I brought the required forms home for my parents to sign, bought my own gear, and signed up & paid for scuba lessons and a dive trip to Panama City. The rest is “history”.

I received my Divemaster certification in early 1982 and in October of the same year became a PADI instructor at the world renowned PADI College in San Diego, California. I immediately began training divers to learn and experience the world I love. I truly love showing people the beauties of the underwater world and seeing that first smile after taking those first breaths underwater!

My passion is BIG ANIMALS and photography. I love diving with sharks and jump in the water at every opportunity to dive with these beautiful and magnificent animals. They are so graceful and completely non-threatening to divers but so misunderstood by the general public. I take every opportunity to try and educate people about sharks to dispel their unwarranted fear of these beautiful creatures.

Please come and join me on an unforgettable and life changing journey into the world of SCUBA diving and photography. I can show you things that the rest of the world will never see, understand, or know exists! JOIN THE ADVENTURE!!! Learn to dive today!!

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