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Giant Lobster Tales & Legends

Hugging the Beast: It was back in his spearfishing days when PADI Master Instructor Bruce Brown, owner of Wet Set Scuba, found himself in hot pursuit of a nicely-sized grouper off Steinhatchee, Florida. They were diving a rock pile at 80 feet from a private boat, dreaming of returning to back to port with a nice haul of scrumptious grouper fillets.

Bruce figures all the commotion of chasing his fish dinner around and around must have disturbed the giant's slumber, which ambled out for a quick look. Lowering his spear, Bruce decided then and there the grouper could wait another day. But how does one catch such a thing as this?!

Established procedures for capturing lobster tend to fail when the critter is the size of the one in the picture below. (Yes, that is a standard 80 cubic foot tank, the thing that hangs below your behind and reaches all the way up to your head.) The lobster net would barely cover his tail and there was no good way of grabbing such a behemoth bug.

So the hero of our story had to improvise, promptly placing the creature in a nice not-so-friendly bear hug for the painstaking trip to the surface.

All ended well... this nearly 12 pound lobster fed 5 people a generous lobster dinner and there was even enough left over for a nice lobster omlet the next morning!

The giant lobster caught by Bruce Brown

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