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Nassau, The Bahamas July 2015 Trip

Reef Shark in Nassau

A huge THANK YOU to the intrepid adventurers who journeyed with us to Nassau. We saw sharks, wrecks and wrecks with sharks... plus some other fascinating creatures along the way!

The week started off with some current and bad viz... luckily things improved as the week went on and we were able to enjoy some of the diving Nassau is famous for.

Reef Shark in Nassau

A hungry reef shark gets a little bite of fish.

The shark feeding dive on the Ray of Hope wreck was one for the ages, with scores of reef sharks crowding the deck for a chance at a fishy snack. Stuart Cove's Dive The Bahamas is very unique in offering this thrilling shark experience: you won't often get such a chance to share close quarters with so many of the ocean's top predators.

We learned something new: little reef sharks don't care much for Ikelite DS-160's as one tough little customer rammed Jeff's strobe with repeated and surprising force until being successfully fended off.

Stingray in Nassau

A Southern Stingray is ever-watchful.

It seemed like the Moray Eels in Nassau were acting strange: several were seen slithering around the reef rather than the usual view you get of just their head sticking out of a hole. Maybe the Junkanoo parade had arrived early?

On land, the weather was HOT and HUMID but there was plenty of Sand's beer to keep cool with after the diving day was over. We had some good meals at Orange Hill's on-site restaurant and one memorable evening when David Jones ferried the lot of us down the street to a swanky place where the view was great but the fish on your plate might be enjoying it too since he still had a head.

Here's all the dive sites we visited:

July 19, 2015 A.M. Dives

  1. Sea Viking Wreck
  2. Twin Sisters Wrecks

July 19, 2015 P.M. Dives

  1. Steel Forest Wrecks
  2. Mike's Reef

July 20, 2015 A.M. Dives

  1. Shark Arena/Runway Reef
  2. Ray of Hope Wreck (Shark Feeding Dive)

July 20, 2015 P.M. Dives

  1. Pumpkin Patch
  2. Big Crab ("Into the Blue" treasure wreck set)

July 21, 2015 A.M. Dives

  1. Ray of Hope Wreck
  2. Willaurie Wreck

July 21, 2015 P.M. Dives

  1. Anthony Bell/Royal James Wrecks
  2. Bond Wrecks: Tears of Allah/Plane from Thunderball/Coral Farm

We'll get some more pics up on our Flickr site and maybe Facebook. If you've got anything you want to share from the trip, send it our way: we would love to see it!

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