Wet Set Scuba
& Swim

5104 N. Henry Blvd
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Hours for Wet Set Scuba south of Atlanta shop
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Where Do You Learn?


Classroom Sessions

Our classroom sessions are held just down the hall from our pool, located at Wet Set Scuba. You can also complete the academic sessions at home through the PADI e-Learning program.

Pool Sessions

With Wet Set Scuba you will have the enjoyment of learning & practicing to dive in a REAL training pool, an ON-SITE HEATED 53,000 gallon INDOOR pool with a large 12' deep basin! It’s great for getting comfortable swimming, equalizing your ears, and controlling your buoyancy.

Open Water Training Dives

This is the Fun part, this is where you get to “test dive” your new skills under the supervision of a PADI Instructor. There are 4 dives required to earn your Open Water Diver certification. On each dive you will demonstrate a few skills you practiced in the pool and practice swimming around under water to become more comfortable while sightseeing. These dives can be completed at Dive Alabama Quarry, Pelham Alabama, Loch Low Minh Quarry, Athens Tennessee, Key Largo, Florida, most of our more “exotic” destinations or you can take a referral and complete your dives anywhere you may like to go diving – we can even arrange your dive vacation anywhere in the world!


A lizardfish sits patiently on the reef